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As the web grows, so does our online marketplace and options for advertisers. Over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and promote your product or service with quality, effective traffic.

Traditional CPM marketing poses a significant financial risk every time you promote your offer – you pay, whether or not you get results.

CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Advertising provides a valuable alternative – you only pay for results. As a CPA lead-generation affiliate network, affiliate.com provides you with the opportunity to promote your offer to a vast audience of potential customers and only pay for the leads that you receive.

Why should I advertise with us?
  • High-Quality Traffic – affiliate.com has one of the strictest affiliate approval processes in the industry, which ensures that your offer will only be promoted by high-quality affiliates. We are also able to provide our advertisers with some of the most premier international traffic from over 100 different countries.
  • Compliance & Fraud Protection – With the combined efforts of our entire team, we will ensure that your brand is always marketed ethically and fairly. Your advertising account executive and our full-time compliance team will also continually monitor your offer’s traffic, to assure that quality standards are met. We proactively review traffic, identifying possible low-quality issues before they affect lead quality.
  • Dedicated Advertiser Support – Your advertising account executive will assist you through the set-up process, offering guidance and optimization advice while monitoring your offer’s performance.

Creative Format

At eType we pride ourselves on the management and delivery of your creative units. Listed below are the basic creative formats available on the eType network. Optional rich media features are available on application, please send all enquiries to our traffic team.

Unit Dimensions (pixels) Format
Banners 468 x 60 Gif, HTML & Flash
Skyscrappers 120 x 600 Gif, HTML & Flash
MPUs 300 x 250 Gif, HTML & Flash
Pop-Ups 200 x 200 Gif, HTML & Flash
Pop-Unders 720 x 300 Gif, HTML & Flash
Leaderboard 728 x 600 Gif, HTML & Flash
Super Skyscrapers 160 x 600 Gif, HTML & Flash


Creative Examples

Listed below are basic examples of the different creative units we run on our network. Each Ad format has its own unique properties that need to be considered carefully to fulfill your campaign’s objectives. Optional rich media features are available on application. traffic team.

Creative Examples  Flash Gif
Banners View Ad View Ad
Skyscrappers View Ad View Ad
MPUs View Ad View Ad
Pop-Ups View Ad View Ad
Pop-Unders View Ad View Ad
Leaderboard View Ad View Ad
Super Skyscrapers View Ad View Ad



eType specialise in premium website representation, therefore we understand that as a leading web publisher you are seeking an outsourced sales force that not only fully understand the goals of your business, but continually strive to achieve them.

Our team recognises that you want inventory and sponsorship opportunities to be sold on a site specific basis, rather than continually bundled into a run of network, or channel-based buy. That’s why we provide each of our publishers with a dedicated Account Director who understands how and what to sell on your site and is always accountable for the entire sales process, from forecasting and targets, through to campaign delivery.

Premium websites deserve premium representation, so contact eType today for a proposal and rates based on your requirements.


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