Drones, a new marketing trend!

If you do not know what a drone looks like, it is more or less in the form of a mini-helicopter, programmed or remotely controlled.

Originally, it was created for military purposes: surveillance, intelligence, exploration, transport of loads, etc. It has now become a new marketing phenomenon!

The use of drones (either camera drones or mini drones) helps to make the buzz, because although this technology exists, its use is not very common in the private field, especially for commercial purposes! But the drones have become innovative ways to prove the proximity of the brand, and make talk about it!

advertizing in the sky

Indeed, their effectiveness lies more in the effect of a buzz than in the marketing utility of the drone itself: as a tool of communication, it allows only to reach very few people.

The giant Amazon had launched the trend and made talk about him proposing to deliver packages directly by drone. The operation made it possible to make the brand speak, but has not yet been put in place.

Last May, Coca-Cola Singapore launched Operation “Happiness from the sky”: drones from the brands flew to the buildings under construction to deliver new messages and drinks to the workers!

The future: swarms of drones will determine what you do on the street

In the next few years, clouds of drones made up of silent machines, equipped with 360 ° cameras and connected to WiFi Internet will send thousands of images to the Cloud. They geo will reference individuals based on their Smartphone. The GAFA algorithms will determine what you do, or you are and how you are dressed, also depending on the weather.

a swarm of killer copters

To achieve this result, two problems remain.

Air Regulation

The first is the question of air control. Drones must be able to fly in a swarm in an urban environment in safety conditions that protect pedestrians in the event of a fall of one of them. Redundancy-based technological solutions should improve the performance of drones and ensure the security of populations.

Respect for privacy

The other biggest problem is that of privacy. All defenders of personal data will oppose the drone applied to the big visual data and demonstrated that it is a violation of individual freedoms. However, we are already tracked, logged and analyzed by our behaviors on the Internet and using payment that we use.