Real estate marketing in Australia

Unspoilt land of immigration, Australia is a dream destination.

The largest island in the world has the highest rate of urbanisation in the world with 93% of the 21 million people who live in town.

The country has been experiencing a real estate euphoria thanks to its position in the second financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region.

The real estate market is so dynamic and customer service, as often with Anglo-Saxons, is an imperative, which results in a professional and competitive intermediation.

Throughout the month of June, we will discuss the best real estate marketing practices in Australia through several themes including:

  • The use of video
  • The particular property ads
  • Innovative services: iPad, iPhone, agency window
  • The expanded ad serving: social networks, other
  • Home staging

To start, let’s see how organised the Australian property market to understand some marketing features better.
It will also allow you to put these items in the proper context later. Property sales contain one or more of the following:

Exclusive mandate (Private Treaty): real-estate agents unique mandate performs the vast majority of sales in Australia.


Perth CBD view from dianella

This is one of the major differences from the French context where exclusive mandates are certainly growing, represents only 19% in Ile-de-France in 2010 – which is higher than the national average. We shall see the great impact of this difference on marketing practices.


Auctions are another form of sale practiced by real estate agents in Australia, and a sacred freedom that is far from America and the Old Continent. Getting into this kind of deal would be described as too liberal and would cringe our love of the regulatory framework.

The most surprising is to see buyers divided in two places in the garden but they may not all be.

Multiple Listing System (MLS):

This is an aggregated database of all real estate listings agencies. All agents and share the ads. If an agent makes the sale of property that is not in its original portfolio, the commission is shared. This system is a kind of large-scale AMEPI and also exists in many English-speaking countries (USA, Canada).

Open House (Open homes):

The collective and public tours are often organized on weekends and are family as an exit to the park.


It is around 3% plus marketing expenses expenses. It is far from a 6% commission in Europe. Apart from the agent’s commission, you will find information about the costs of a real estate transaction.

If you are looking to invest down under you might want to watch this video: