Star Wars – The Last Jedi “: Marketing, the dark side of the Force?

A new trailer for Episode 8, which will be released on December 13, was unveiled this Tuesday, relaunching discussions and debates on the saga.

Even if you risk saturation?

“I am legitimately divided. If you don’t want to know anything, avoid the trailer. The warning was tweeted on Monday before the release of Star Wars’ new trailer: The Last Jedi by the film’s director himself, Rian Johnson.

A suggestion that was not followed because, a dozen hours after it was put online, the video was nearly ten million views on YouTube, causing, in their wake, a cloud of comments and craze on social networks.

” Disney’s strategy is: “The less we do, the better we do.”

The fans are thrilled, but those who are almost saturated with the promise of a sword fight don’t stumble. You feel as if you are watered with images, because “Star Wars” is so deeply rooted in the popular culture that today. The Disney studios’ strategy is “The less you do, the better you do.”

One film per year

In January, the simple revelation of the title of episode 8,”The Last Jedi,” had fooled the hypotheses: Who would this last Jedi be?

The fact that between the third trilogy and the derived films, a film a year from the universe “Star Wars” will be released in theatres by 2020 reinforces the impression that the saga remains at the forefront of the current cinema.

At the risk of getting tired?

Deceptive editing

However, according to experts in the intergalactic saga, spoilers would not be legion. Star Wars trailers don’t say much about them, which is rare in today’s cinema.

Usually, when a film presents its second or third trailer, they reveal a lot, one discovers the turning points. In the trailer of the Last Jedi, there are some things that are implied, but we can have doubts, it can be misleading.

For example, when Luke talks to Rey and says that he has only once felt an affinity for the Force, the edit shows Kylo Ren, but maybe Skywalker is talking about another character, like Snoke, for example. ”

So everything will depend on the quality of the film if it contains sequences that will make the fans go back to see it twenty times. Anyway, even if it doesn’t make any more money, it will probably be the 2017 movie most seen in theatres. “With or without a promotion, the Quiet Force.