In today’s business and online affiliate marketing space it is really important to be surrounded by a great team of hard working and dedicated people.

As the web industry develops, it is now critical for businesses to hire and set affiliate marketing teams to get the most Return On Investment from this incredible online money making industry rather than only have one person to handle all of the variables and different tasks.

Affiliate marketing teams and account managers will help you navigate through our offers and build an efficient and quality-focused sales funnel. They will more than likely work with marketing and acquisition teams to form a solid foundation for your business.

Introducing our team:

reba roldan

Reba Roldan CEO

Reba is the brain behind all this.

He started as a project manager for a huge fortune 500 a few years ago and has ever since been thriving to provide the best tips and services he could for both online and offline businesses through his training and special mentorship program.

The idea of etype europe came only a few years ago as he wanted to setup a platform that would be a hub for both advertisers and associates willing to improve their reach and/or skills.

He loves everything web and tech related and is an experience tennis player!



Marl Carlson

Mark Carlson – Senior Strategist

Mark is our Senior Strategist. He manages all our staff in-house and is a solid leader. He is our almighty guide and the own that brings us closer to our goals everyday!

Hit him up anytime you need through our contact form.

Mark loves riding dirt bikes and is an NBA head!




Sophie Leblanc

Sophie Leblanc – Ad operations

Sophie, who has been with us for about 3 years now is our ad operation and technology specialist.

She is a Berkley graduate with a strong tech background and more than 10 years experience in link tracking technologies.

She loves cooking and taking care of her lovely children!