Top 10 Business Apps That will Aid In Improving Productivity

This is an era where companies need to stop wasting precious time in preparing meeting to solve various business issues.
Being productive depends on who you are and the manner in which you process information, your life and work. Technology has had its hand in helping to improve productivity.

There are certain business apps for Android and iPhone that can help you achieve the productivity you have lacked in your company.

With the ideal productivity services and apps, you can get more work done and improve your efficiency.

Here is a list of the best business apps for iPhone and Android that will aid in increasing efficiency.

• Pocket
Pocket allows you to quickly send an article or any document to any appliance and read it later. With pocket, it requires one click to compile and send an article to an archive you can view on your tablet, phone, or computer. As such, you the internet at your pace.

• Google Keep
Google Keep has a similar version of Evernote and can be used to take notes set reminders, record audio, and write down to-do-lists. A fascinating feature of this app is its ability to organise notes with coloured labels.

• Fantastical 2
If you are looking for a calendar app that’s easy to use, Fantastical 2 is the way to go. This app keeps you organised. With this app, you can enter simple phrases which will automatically translate into a calendar engagement. You just need to type what you want, and the app handles the rest.

• Wunderlist
Looking for an easy-to-do to-use list app, go for Wunderlist. This app lets you set a due date and reminder and have conversations or share list about your due dates. With this app, you can remember things that you forget easily, collaborate to aid plan a vacation, or help organise different lists.

• Evernote
evernote-is-great-to-stay-organizedEvernote is an online gathering of all that you need to recall. This app resembles advanced notebook that stores photographs, website pages, notes, PDF records, audio clips, and schedules. What’s impressive about Evernote is its ordering highlight. When you add things to your notebook, they are totally searchable, and you can access them on your mobile device, computer, or the Web.

• Workflow
With this app, you can customize your phone in such a way that you can skip time-wasting projects. With Workflow, you can tell your phone or tablet what to do when it observes a particular action. For instance, you can instruct the phone to call a taxi before your next appointment, upload a photo for you and other actions you might need.

• Letterspace
Letterspace is an ideal note-taking app. The app uses hashtags to organise ideas and thoughts you have. Its swipe bar lets you move the cursor on your screen without having to move your hands from your keyboard. Therefore, editing your notes is very easy with this app.

• Microsoft’s Outlook
Looking for the best mobile email app, Microsoft’s Outlook is an ideal solution. This app can be used in both IOS and Android. It has an integrated calendar that makes emailing very convenient. Also, the app allows you to delete, swipe to achieve, or schedule your emails to return to your inbox later on.

• Polymail
Polymail is an email apple with excellent features and comes in a simple design. It offers you things such as email tracking. Also, it gives you the ability to read and send your emails later.

• Slack
With Slack, you can keep in touch with the rest of your teammates without having to sift through heaps of emails. It is more of a chat room, and it allows you to tag users and create as many channels as you would like even for smaller team projects. It has a desktop client responsible for sending nonintrusive desktop notices to the edge of your screen, permitting you to remain focused on what’s going on while still working.


the slack chat app is becoming increasingly used!

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