What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing consists for sites with contents to sell or promote (advertiser), to propose a partnership contract to sites with traffic (webmaster). The following display an advertisement for the affiliate, direct traffic to it and are paid according to the results obtained.

The concept of affiliation comes from the United States in the late 1990s, when some e-marketers offered to webmasters, having sites well positioned on the search engines, to display their products in exchange for commissions on The sales generated.

Affiliate platforms then appeared to consolidate numerous advertising campaigns and allow webmasters a wider choice. There are other models of affiliation; Some sites, for example, offer their affiliate system.

Demystifying Affiliate Marketing – An Introduction

Advertising revenue with Affiliate

Webmaster commissions have also evolved: Webmasters are now paid for banner display, click on a banner (visits), contacts and sales, generated via their websites.

But how can we know the path of a visitor?

Once the webmaster broadcasts the advertiser’s ad campaign, the affiliate platform provides a tracking tool to both parties. This tracking describes the system allowing to identify actions carried out by a user on a website.

The affiliate platform will thus be able to define from what advertising banner and therefore from which site the sale took place. The advertiser (or merchant) will be able, via the affiliate platform, to donate money to the webmaster according to the scheme.

Affiliation provides a significant income. It is the simplest way to make the popularity of its site grow. The more visited a site, the greater its advertising revenue.

Today, about twenty players share the global affiliate market in parallel with the advertising agencies.

How to make your site profitable with Affiliate Marketing?


How to earn more money as an affiliate? Targeting !

Targeted advertising is effective advertising. No need to broadcast a monotone advertisement if your users are under 20! It is important to know your users well. Many possibilities are offered to you: games contests, surveys, registration form …

Other criteria, apart from the category, may come into play:
Types of remuneration:
Choosing pay per view or click is not always the best solution. 20% of a sale of 1000 euros can yield more. Are your buyers interested?

Advertising formats:

Do you have enough space on your site to display a 468×60 or a 120×600? We recommend placing only three different formats on your sites. Do not deny your ad surfers. Too much pub kills the pub :-).

Technical characteristics:

Do you have email addresses? Do you accept popups? Do you have a location for product catalogs? So many questions that will allow you to choose your proper affiliation platform. To do this, we invite you to fill out the form of your site as much as possible. We can target for you!

All of these things take time. So many companies manage your advertising inserts for you.