SEO: 5 tips to improve the search engine optimization of a WordPress site

1. Get backlinks

The links between the web pages are a fundamental element of SEO. It is these links that allow Google to browse the pages, understand the relationships between them, and evaluate the popularity of the web pages. Link farms have long been a way to boost the positioning of its web pages quickly – Google sanctioned these artificial link practices in 2012 with Penguin.

In the long term, it is not the manually placed links that will allow your site to outperform its competitors. Qualitative links are those obtained naturally, those created by third parties because they believe it is natural to place a link to your site. You can, of course, contact the sites that quote you without a backlink to try to get a link that seems relevant, but you should focus on your content.

2. Comply with the law

It seems obvious, and yet: many sites (whether or not they are created in WordPress) do not respect the law. Not seen not taken as they say, but be careful of the risks involved. It cannot be overemphasized that under law, sponsored content must be identified as such. Otherwise, you risk legal action. Google asks to put the links inserted in these articles in rel=sponsored ; that the purchase of links is a practice that contradicts Google’s rules, you risk being penalized; that you can also be attacked for content theft (plagiarism), counterfeiting, unfair competition. And for the past 18 months, the RGPD has imposed many actions if you process data from European citizens.

3. Writing quality content

Many accessible techniques allow you to retrieve content from a place, transform it and publish it on your site automatically. These spinning methods are often useful in the short term, which can attract web professionals. On the other hand, these contents have less potential in the longer term, and the user interest is often close to nothing. Instead, focus on designing real content to attract and convince Internet users.

4. Optimize your website for performance

Google insists on the speed of websites because everyone wins when a site gets faster. The user, whose experience is improved, the website, which gets better conversions, and of course, Google, which has to expend less energy, a smaller budget to crawl sites. In concrete terms, you should not follow the example of Usain Bolt, whose website takes more than 10 seconds to load more than enough time to run the 100 meters.

5. Work on securing your WordPress install

Securing your site is essential: it allows you to protect yourself, as best as possible, against hackers who could replace your content or add links to unsavory websites. Some do not hide and are easily located. Others do cloaking to conceal the malicious links they inject into pirated sites.

How to succeed in affiliate marketing?

Recently, affiliate marketing has been the first solution available to novice web entrepreneurs wishing to develop their revenues online.

Even if some earn thousands of dollars through this channel, many people fail and end up concluding that it is not possible to win through affiliate marketing. Today, I propose, through this article, to analyze all the techniques used by the pros to earn a stable monthly income by making the partnership…

What is affiliate marketing?

In short, we can define affiliate marketing as a referral sales system. For example, you discovered a product that helped you to lose 55 pounds in two weeks.

The seller offers you to earn two-thirds of his selling price every time you can sell a single copy of this product. It is an excellent opportunity to make money because you can win a few dollars per sale if the initial price of the product is 30 dollars or more.

Why is the best solution for affiliate programs?

Contrary to other solutions such as advertising that will save you a few cents and creating a time-consuming product that needs knowledge and support in your niche, affiliate marketing can help you for three reasons:

  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Interesting commissions
  • A wide range of products available

How to sell using this type of marketing methods?

testing products increases convertions

testing products increases conversions

When you discover affiliate marketing, the first question you ask yourself is how to find customers to sell? If you are wondering about this, note that there are dozens of solutions to sell products and easily earn commissions.

If you do affiliate marketing, it is not to earn a lower income. You must apply the following strategies if you want to do it in the long term.

Create a blog

Creating and developing your blog can bring together thousands of targeted people around you who can buy the recommended products. For creating a profitable blog, you will need two things: finding a profitable niche and then launching the blog.

How to pick the product to sell?

Now that you know how to sell a product using affiliate marketing, we will see the process of choosing a good product that converts best.

Buy the products and test them

Before promoting a product, if you want to sell it successfully, buy it and try it yourself to make sure it is a quality product that helps users. Remember that Internet users rely on the trust they place in you to buy the products you recommend.

What’s the big deal about Crypto Currencies in 2018?

Chances are you’ve heard or read about digital currencies, but you haven’t shown any interest until now. More specifically, you probably learned that you could make loads of money by investing in them, and you can use them to make untraceable purchases. Now you are wondering whether all the rumors are true?

If you want to find out what cryptocurrency is all about, you are definitely in the right place. Because in this article the basics of crypto monnaies will be discussed, along with some advice on whether you should be making any investments.

What Are Crypto Currencies?

btc and ltc tokensThe first thing you have to know is that this digital form of money wasn’t exactly created for mass consumer purposes. Instead, it was the perfect solution to buy and sell illegal things on the dark side of the net. Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency at the moment, made it possible to pay for services and items without leaving a paper trail. And the more individuals started using it, the more valuable it became.

You see, digital currencies like this are encrypted with every transaction, which is why they can’t be traced. Plus, they can’t be regulated, or at least not yet. As you are reading this, governments across the globe are investing in ways to curb the freedom that cryptocurrencies provide users.

How Do You Get Crypto Currencies?

If you want to get your hands on some cool digital money, you will have to “mine” for it. Unfortunately, this is a prolonged process that requires your PC to solve complex equations regularly. For example, to mine one Bitcoin can take up to 4 years. It is because the creator of Bitcoin limited the number of Bitcoins that can be mined within a certain amount of time. And, only a specific amount of Bitcoins can be mined before the whole process stops.

It is why there are networks that offer to help you with the mining process. Or, you can just buy a cryptocurrency like you would any other type of stock or commodity.

Why Are There So Many Different Types?

Even though cryptos are based on the same premise, they operate a little differently. For example, Bitcoin is slightly vulnerable at the moment. And if authorities try very hard, there are certain ways they can track payments from individuals.

But with new cryptographic cash, these weaknesses are dealt with differently, making it near impossible for any traces to get left behind. Primarily, the big difference comes in with the way the encryptions take place.

Should You Be Investing In Them?

Investing in any cryptocurrency, whether it is the ever-popular Bitcoin or one that is relatively new, you are taking a risk. Because just like everything else on the stock market, there is no telling what can happen next. For instance, Bitcoin enjoyed a very successful climb regarding value, but recently, the value has been dropping.

So, if you are planning on making any investments, approach it with caution. Find more on crypto currencies here

Star Wars – The Last Jedi “: Marketing, the dark side of the Force?

A new trailer for Episode 8, which will be released on December 13, was unveiled this Tuesday, relaunching discussions and debates on the saga.

Even if you risk saturation?

“I am legitimately divided. If you don’t want to know anything, avoid the trailer. The warning was tweeted on Monday before the release of Star Wars’ new trailer: The Last Jedi by the film’s director himself, Rian Johnson.

A suggestion that was not followed because, a dozen hours after it was put online, the video was nearly ten million views on YouTube, causing, in their wake, a cloud of comments and craze on social networks.

” Disney’s strategy is: “The less we do, the better we do.”

The fans are thrilled, but those who are almost saturated with the promise of a sword fight don’t stumble. You feel as if you are watered with images, because “Star Wars” is so deeply rooted in the popular culture that today. The Disney studios’ strategy is “The less you do, the better you do.”

One film per year

In January, the simple revelation of the title of episode 8,”The Last Jedi,” had fooled the hypotheses: Who would this last Jedi be?

The fact that between the third trilogy and the derived films, a film a year from the universe “Star Wars” will be released in theatres by 2020 reinforces the impression that the saga remains at the forefront of the current cinema.

At the risk of getting tired?

Deceptive editing

However, according to experts in the intergalactic saga, spoilers would not be legion. Star Wars trailers don’t say much about them, which is rare in today’s cinema.

Usually, when a film presents its second or third trailer, they reveal a lot, one discovers the turning points. In the trailer of the Last Jedi, there are some things that are implied, but we can have doubts, it can be misleading.

For example, when Luke talks to Rey and says that he has only once felt an affinity for the Force, the edit shows Kylo Ren, but maybe Skywalker is talking about another character, like Snoke, for example. ”

So everything will depend on the quality of the film if it contains sequences that will make the fans go back to see it twenty times. Anyway, even if it doesn’t make any more money, it will probably be the 2017 movie most seen in theatres. “With or without a promotion, the Quiet Force.

Drones, a new marketing trend!

If you do not know what a drone looks like, it is more or less in the form of a mini-helicopter, programmed or remotely controlled.

Originally, it was created for military purposes: surveillance, intelligence, exploration, transport of loads, etc. It has now become a new marketing phenomenon!

The use of drones (either camera drones or mini drones) helps to make the buzz, because although this technology exists, its use is not very common in the private field, especially for commercial purposes! But the drones have become innovative ways to prove the proximity of the brand, and make talk about it!

advertizing in the sky

Indeed, their effectiveness lies more in the effect of a buzz than in the marketing utility of the drone itself: as a tool of communication, it allows only to reach very few people.

The giant Amazon had launched the trend and made talk about him proposing to deliver packages directly by drone. The operation made it possible to make the brand speak, but has not yet been put in place.

Last May, Coca-Cola Singapore launched Operation “Happiness from the sky”: drones from the brands flew to the buildings under construction to deliver new messages and drinks to the workers!

The future: swarms of drones will determine what you do on the street

In the next few years, clouds of drones made up of silent machines, equipped with 360 ° cameras and connected to WiFi Internet will send thousands of images to the Cloud. They geo will reference individuals based on their Smartphone. The GAFA algorithms will determine what you do, or you are and how you are dressed, also depending on the weather.

a swarm of killer copters

To achieve this result, two problems remain.

Air Regulation

The first is the question of air control. Drones must be able to fly in a swarm in an urban environment in safety conditions that protect pedestrians in the event of a fall of one of them. Redundancy-based technological solutions should improve the performance of drones and ensure the security of populations.

Respect for privacy

The other biggest problem is that of privacy. All defenders of personal data will oppose the drone applied to the big visual data and demonstrated that it is a violation of individual freedoms. However, we are already tracked, logged and analyzed by our behaviors on the Internet and using payment that we use.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing consists for sites with contents to sell or promote (advertiser), to propose a partnership contract to sites with traffic (webmaster). The following display an advertisement for the affiliate, direct traffic to it and are paid according to the results obtained.

The concept of affiliation comes from the United States in the late 1990s, when some e-marketers offered to webmasters, having sites well positioned on the search engines, to display their products in exchange for commissions on The sales generated.

Affiliate platforms then appeared to consolidate numerous advertising campaigns and allow webmasters a wider choice. There are other models of affiliation; Some sites, for example, offer their affiliate system.

Demystifying Affiliate Marketing – An Introduction

Advertising revenue with Affiliate

Webmaster commissions have also evolved: Webmasters are now paid for banner display, click on a banner (visits), contacts and sales, generated via their websites.

But how can we know the path of a visitor?

Once the webmaster broadcasts the advertiser’s ad campaign, the affiliate platform provides a tracking tool to both parties. This tracking describes the system allowing to identify actions carried out by a user on a website.

The affiliate platform will thus be able to define from what advertising banner and therefore from which site the sale took place. The advertiser (or merchant) will be able, via the affiliate platform, to donate money to the webmaster according to the scheme.

Affiliation provides a significant income. It is the simplest way to make the popularity of its site grow. The more visited a site, the greater its advertising revenue.

Today, about twenty players share the global affiliate market in parallel with the advertising agencies.

How to make your site profitable with Affiliate Marketing?


How to earn more money as an affiliate? Targeting !

Targeted advertising is effective advertising. No need to broadcast a monotone advertisement if your users are under 20! It is important to know your users well. Many possibilities are offered to you: games contests, surveys, registration form …

Other criteria, apart from the category, may come into play:
Types of remuneration:
Choosing pay per view or click is not always the best solution. 20{e9c296f571d7789f33262e0a2a6193aaabef04d88d318225ccad5ea3d53e18cc} of a sale of 1000 euros can yield more. Are your buyers interested?

Advertising formats:

Do you have enough space on your site to display a 468×60 or a 120×600? We recommend placing only three different formats on your sites. Do not deny your ad surfers. Too much pub kills the pub :-).

Technical characteristics:

Do you have email addresses? Do you accept popups? Do you have a location for product catalogs? So many questions that will allow you to choose your proper affiliation platform. To do this, we invite you to fill out the form of your site as much as possible. We can target for you!

All of these things take time. So many companies manage your advertising inserts for you.

Best Affiliate Products To Look Out For in 2017

While marketing affiliate products may not be as easy, it does not mean that it is impossible. The type of goods you market will greatly depend on your type of your blog.
Also when choosing a product to market, you should understand your market well, know what is likely to sell in the region you are in, and you can sell multiple products to encourage diversity. In this article, we will be informing you of some of the bestselling products right now and those that you can try them regardless of where you are from as they are universal.

What are some of the best affiliate products?

If you are looking to try a hand in affiliate product marketing, you can try some of these products discussed below;

Steam cleaners

steam cleaner sold in 2017In every household, cleaning must be done. Marketing steam cleaners are, therefore, an idea that you might consider. These products work by heating up water thereby producing steam that is used to heat up areas around the floor killing bacteria and removing dirt eventually. While there are three types of these steam cleaners, investing in all of them is not a bad idea. Visit Mon Nettoyeur le site to know more !


Many people would like to own cars or replaced those that they already have. In that case, you can choose to market these cars. You can do research on some of the best-selling types of vehicles for you to figure out exactly which models to invest in.

Video game devices

Most youths tend to use their free time to play video games. For instance, Sony has sold over 344 million units of its PS4 device upon its release. Investing in the idea of marketing these products can significantly improve your business.


Another product that you can market is the trending movies released. For instance, the movie star wars upon its release made over $ billion. If you were marketing for this product, it would surely be a success as the more the product is bought, the more your success.

Electronic Devices

example of trendy electronic devicesRanging from computers, mobile phones, televisions to fridges there are a lot of electronic devices that you can market. Taking an example of the iPad, when it was released, it was able to sell over 211 million units. Other mobile phone devices are also like to generate more income.

There are so many other products that you can market online. The more the referrals you make, and the product is bought, the higher your income. Depending on your region, you will choose a product that sells well in that region. You can also take your time to examine your market and see what is missing.

After that, you can make an informed decision on what products to deal in.


By marketing affiliate products, you will earn depending on the number of people you have referred to the product and bought it. While this can be a tricky ordeal, it is not impossible. Knowing what products to deal in is key and some of those are discussed above.

Innovative Printing Solutions for Promoting Your Company

When starting a new venture, marketing ones company not only essential but also is fundamental.

Although promoting services and products on the internet through a well-designed website is the most popular solution, direct mailing and quality handouts such as business cards, pamphlets and other printing solution strategies remain the best way to reach out to the public.

Potential clients tend to browse the Internet and do not pay much attention to what they read and see. Nowadays there is so much content and sophisticated web-design, that users no longer assimilate what they are looking at.

The best strategy remains a tangible product, something they can see at all times.

Classic Printing Solutions that Work

Good quality business cards are an essential part of your marketing campaign. You should always have a business card handy at all time and available on request as an identity of who you are and what services or products you provide.

a commercial printer in action

A commercial printer in action

You can as well brand your company using other less obvious solutions, such as fridge magnets, mugs, pens, or even postcard, depending on the services and products you produce.

Providing solutions that are visible on a daily basis is a constant reminder that you are available to be contacted at all times. They also provide an insight of the quality of your company. It is, therefore, essential to offer your future clients high-quality handouts.

Costs of Good Quality Printing Material

Unless your company is a large enterprise and can deal directly with the production of business cards, pamphlets or other similar paper-based marketing products, the cost of making your own using your personal printer can be a strain on your budget.

The best solution is to opt for a professional but fair-priced printing service. You have an extensive choice of either local providers-depending where you are located or any on-line printing services you have access to.

You can get free on-line printing services for 200 business cards only shipping costs are included, varying from 5 to 30 dollars.
Keep in mind that the quality of the paper is low, and the printing company will have its brand on the back of the cards.

If you aim for better quality, then costs will vary from 25 to 100 dollars-again, this will depend on the paper and quality of the printing service you choose.

Cool Gadgets and Useful Marketing Solutions

Keep in mind that there are other printing solutions you can choose from. Other examples are fridge magnets, pens, notepads with your company name, mugs and even postcards.

Postcards are a good solution, as you can reach out to even more potential clients. You can choose themes that remind people of what you do while keeping to the postcard theme. Die cutting services are also a great option for the busiest ones! Get your presentation folders printed today !

Be creative in your choice remember you have to stand out

You want your potential clients to remember you are there, and there is no better way to remind them, than being in their kitchens, studies, cars at all times.

Top 10 Business Apps That will Aid In Improving Productivity

This is an era where companies need to stop wasting precious time in preparing meeting to solve various business issues.
Being productive depends on who you are and the manner in which you process information, your life and work. Technology has had its hand in helping to improve productivity.

There are certain business apps for Android and iPhone that can help you achieve the productivity you have lacked in your company.

With the ideal productivity services and apps, you can get more work done and improve your efficiency.

Here is a list of the best business apps for iPhone and Android that will aid in increasing efficiency.

• Pocket
Pocket allows you to quickly send an article or any document to any appliance and read it later. With pocket, it requires one click to compile and send an article to an archive you can view on your tablet, phone, or computer. As such, you the internet at your pace.

• Google Keep
Google Keep has a similar version of Evernote and can be used to take notes set reminders, record audio, and write down to-do-lists. A fascinating feature of this app is its ability to organise notes with coloured labels.

• Fantastical 2
If you are looking for a calendar app that’s easy to use, Fantastical 2 is the way to go. This app keeps you organised. With this app, you can enter simple phrases which will automatically translate into a calendar engagement. You just need to type what you want, and the app handles the rest.

• Wunderlist
Looking for an easy-to-do to-use list app, go for Wunderlist. This app lets you set a due date and reminder and have conversations or share list about your due dates. With this app, you can remember things that you forget easily, collaborate to aid plan a vacation, or help organise different lists.

• Evernote
evernote-is-great-to-stay-organizedEvernote is an online gathering of all that you need to recall. This app resembles advanced notebook that stores photographs, website pages, notes, PDF records, audio clips, and schedules. What’s impressive about Evernote is its ordering highlight. When you add things to your notebook, they are totally searchable, and you can access them on your mobile device, computer, or the Web.

• Workflow
With this app, you can customize your phone in such a way that you can skip time-wasting projects. With Workflow, you can tell your phone or tablet what to do when it observes a particular action. For instance, you can instruct the phone to call a taxi before your next appointment, upload a photo for you and other actions you might need.

• Letterspace
Letterspace is an ideal note-taking app. The app uses hashtags to organise ideas and thoughts you have. Its swipe bar lets you move the cursor on your screen without having to move your hands from your keyboard. Therefore, editing your notes is very easy with this app.

• Microsoft’s Outlook
Looking for the best mobile email app, Microsoft’s Outlook is an ideal solution. This app can be used in both IOS and Android. It has an integrated calendar that makes emailing very convenient. Also, the app allows you to delete, swipe to achieve, or schedule your emails to return to your inbox later on.

• Polymail
Polymail is an email apple with excellent features and comes in a simple design. It offers you things such as email tracking. Also, it gives you the ability to read and send your emails later.

• Slack
With Slack, you can keep in touch with the rest of your teammates without having to sift through heaps of emails. It is more of a chat room, and it allows you to tag users and create as many channels as you would like even for smaller team projects. It has a desktop client responsible for sending nonintrusive desktop notices to the edge of your screen, permitting you to remain focused on what’s going on while still working.


the slack chat app is becoming increasingly used!

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Real estate marketing in Australia

Unspoilt land of immigration, Australia is a dream destination.

The largest island in the world has the highest rate of urbanisation in the world with 93{e9c296f571d7789f33262e0a2a6193aaabef04d88d318225ccad5ea3d53e18cc} of the 21 million people who live in town.

The country has been experiencing a real estate euphoria thanks to its position in the second financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region.

The real estate market is so dynamic and customer service, as often with Anglo-Saxons, is an imperative, which results in a professional and competitive intermediation.

Throughout the month of June, we will discuss the best real estate marketing practices in Australia through several themes including:

  • The use of video
  • The particular property ads
  • Innovative services: iPad, iPhone, agency window
  • The expanded ad serving: social networks, other
  • Home staging

To start, let’s see how organised the Australian property market to understand some marketing features better.
It will also allow you to put these items in the proper context later. Property sales contain one or more of the following:

Exclusive mandate (Private Treaty): real-estate agents unique mandate performs the vast majority of sales in Australia.


Perth CBD view from dianella

This is one of the major differences from the French context where exclusive mandates are certainly growing, represents only 19{e9c296f571d7789f33262e0a2a6193aaabef04d88d318225ccad5ea3d53e18cc} in Ile-de-France in 2010 – which is higher than the national average. We shall see the great impact of this difference on marketing practices.


Auctions are another form of sale practiced by real estate agents in Australia, and a sacred freedom that is far from America and the Old Continent. Getting into this kind of deal would be described as too liberal and would cringe our love of the regulatory framework.

The most surprising is to see buyers divided in two places in the garden but they may not all be.

Multiple Listing System (MLS):

This is an aggregated database of all real estate listings agencies. All agents and share the ads. If an agent makes the sale of property that is not in its original portfolio, the commission is shared. This system is a kind of large-scale AMEPI and also exists in many English-speaking countries (USA, Canada).

Open House (Open homes):

The collective and public tours are often organized on weekends and are family as an exit to the park.


It is around 3{e9c296f571d7789f33262e0a2a6193aaabef04d88d318225ccad5ea3d53e18cc} plus marketing expenses expenses. It is far from a 6{e9c296f571d7789f33262e0a2a6193aaabef04d88d318225ccad5ea3d53e18cc} commission in Europe. Apart from the agent’s commission, you will find information about the costs of a real estate transaction.

If you are looking to invest down under you might want to watch this video:

Tips to Invest Your Money Wisely

We currently live in a world of the have and have not, meaning finding money even to save can provide a challenge in itself.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.56.15 Most of us struggle to cover the essentials and while saving is no mean feat to achieve there is always the option of investing to gain handsome profits.

Sounds like a plan? Well, here are some tips to help you out in your quest.

How to Invest your Income Wisely:

#1. Spend less and invest more – most of us could spend less money than we often do. While this is not to imply that you adopt an ascetic lifestyle, there are some things you can always trim off the monthly budget. Shifting this amount to the right investments can deliver extraordinary returns in the long-term and grow your wealth significantly. In short, the bigger picture should be all that counts; period.

#2. A good defence – as you’ve probably heard before in the money markets, the key to a good offence is in the defence. Contrary to common perception, you need not take huge risks to grow your wealth. In fact, you can make healthy returns by taking little risks but still, make fat bonuses. Of course, there is no such thing as risk-less investments; however, the trick is in finding worthy investments with asymmetric risk and reward. All you have to do is spend time on quality research.

#3. Diversification – effective diversification is the single most paramount skill of any money master. In a nutshell, knowing where to invest and how to divide it all up should be in your DNA if you are to grow your investments. Diversifying can not only help you maximise the profits but also contribute to reducing the risks involved. Next time you think about parking all your income in one basket just because the deal sounds extraordinary; think twice. Good luck!

Operational Efficiency and its Benefits for Your Business


Broadly speaking, operations management is a discipline concerned with designing, mitigating and evaluating the process of supply and production by correcting the inefficient aspects of a business`s commercial activities. It usually entails the responsibility of ensuring that a company is implementing appropriate strategies to enhance the efficiency of the supply and production process.

It does not involve the management of resources that help convert resources into finished goods. Instead, it focuses on aspects such as corporate social responsibilities, customer satisfaction amongst many others.


Enhanced profit management

do not neglect your staff

Do not neglect your staff

Exceptional operations management strategies encourage corporate leaders to dispute traditional concepts or an employee`s worldview of what is operationally sound. In other words, those in senior positions can conveniently rely on this type of activity to evaluate current processes and task staff to come up with contemporary ideas to enhance sales or business. In fact, companies that rely on competent, experienced operation managers are typically more equipped at evaluating their budget and income.

Rival advantage

A majority of businesses that sufficiently manage their businesses have a better grip on focal external and internal organisational issues.

Internal factors that managers take into account include intellectual assets, operating policies and average attrition rate. These types of factors are mirrored in the average number of staff leaving because of illness, resignation or even retirements.

Productivity edge

Correct operations management strategies allow a production firm to adapt or improve the way it supplies or produces goods, along with how it stores perishable goods, raw materials and finished products as well. This type of benefit allows the supplier or a manufacturer to curb deterioration in debt management strategies that may occur if the firm suffers losses and cannot reimburse current liabilities.

Encourages Regulatory Compliance

By meticulously evaluating the operating processes, the company’s management will notice a significant reduction in adverse administrative punishments and hefty government fines. Department bosses and supervisors set out sufficient internal frameworks to ensure that all staff and personnel operate in line with the law.

Learn more by watching this video:

Using Modern Technology to Monitor Your Business

Do you want to control your business remotely? Modern technology has enabled many companies to create devices that you can control remotely. They allow you to control them by developing apps that you download from your Smartphone or tablet.
You require an internet connection to control these devices remotely.

That helps you to reduce business operating costs and monitor your employee’s movements.

They also enable you to control access to your business premises. Below is a list of business appliances that you can control remotely.

They are:

• Locks
get the right mindset for successYou can control your business locks remotely. That by installing smart locks that can be triggered even when you away. Smart locks can also be unlocked using pin codes or cards. That ensures that your employees report on time and also keeps away intruders.

• Weather Stations

Weather stations enable you to monitor your business premise’s weather situation. Using downloaded apps on your Smartphone, you can remotely find out about the weather around your business premises. That helps you to check on floods and extreme wind conditions.

• Switches

Electric switches are controllable even when you are away from your business premises. That’s by connecting them to Smartphone apps. That helps you to cut down costs as employees may forget to switch off lights after working hours.

• Security Systems

One advantage of modern technology is that it enables you to install security systems such as alarms. Using a Smartphone app, you can receive alerts on any unwanted activities in your business premises such as intruders or fire incidences.

• Smoke Detectors

Your business is a valuable asset to you. Therefore you want it to be safe from hazards such as fire. Smoke detectors are one of the many installations that you should integrate with your Smartphone to prevent fire incidences. In the event of smoke detection, they send you alerts through your Smartphones. You then call fire departments or police before your business is damaged.

• Lighting

You should consider installing lighting systems that you can control remotely using an app. That enables you to reduce operating costs. Some lighting system models allow you to control up to 50 lights while you are away from your company premises.


Operating your business should be easier using technology. You should remember that you need internet connectivity to control these business devices.