eType is the online sales and advertising division of the Media Initiatives Group Ltd. Specialising in premium website representation, eType hold exclusive contracts with a number of the UK’s largest and most respected websites.

eType is a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Initiatives Group Ltd (MIG) and was formed in 2000 to offer a new sales approach to Internet-based advertising and direct marketing, for both advertisers and web publishers.

Over the last five years eType has grown rapidly to become the UK’s leading online advertising sales house. This is mainly due to the fact that unlike other sales houses who have large portfolios of diverse sites, eType only works with “best of breed” clients in very closely defined business sectors. This focus allows us to maximise site revenues and ensure that all clients receive a personalised service from our dedicated team.

Our strategy has always been to act as an internal sales team that sits externally to your business. We constantly aim for highly targeted advertising, based on premium CPMs and sponsorship. So whether you are a new or existing publisher seeking a professional outsourced advertising team, or an advertiser seeking qualified traffic and branding, we are sure to be of service.

With over five years experience in managing publisher’s online sales, eType deal with all interactive elements of online advertising and have an unrivalled reputation amongst both advertising agencies and direct clients.

eType can help to accomplish your brand strategy by communicating the right message, to the right online audience through sponsorship and a host of quality, interactive website adverts in the form of banners, skyscrapers, leaderboards, overlayz, super banners and more.

At eType we constantly strive to deliver the highest revenue levels, whilst also ensuring that brand reputation is never compromised.

If you want further information about our services, or want to talk to one of our representatives about your campaign objective please use our contact form!



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